Cough cough CHOKE (felchie) wrote,
Cough cough CHOKE

These kegel excersizes must be paying off.

I can't even buy a sammich without (old) men hollah'n.

I made a feeble attempt to contact the people in charge of giving me free health care.  After waiting on hold for 25 minutes I came to the conclusion that I'd just rather die. 

My apocolypse obsession now has a friend called ' how quickly can i kill myself'.  It was getting lonely so i had to conjure up SOMETHING.....

With that being said i'd like to mention that things have been awesome lately.  No sarcasm.

I had a MUCH NEEDED weekend of relaxation.

Last night chip and I screen printed t-shirts.  I think i may sell some.  You all will want them.
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