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and as happy as i am   
11:54pm 15/05/2008
  .. I'M going to kill myself.

one way or anoth........

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Look what the cat dragged in...   
03:49pm 22/04/2008
  I'm officially a fishtownian.

(Insert communal groan here)


Jo, Xian, and myself have taken over a cute 2 story apt. in Fishtown.
The Goode, Long, Felch hole.

Yeah.  Classy. <3

Pictures of my house that none of you will care about coming soon!!!


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Made the catalog this year...   
12:58pm 15/02/2008

Vegas in less than a month.


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I want to   
10:05am 28/01/2008
  start writing in this again   

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She's Dead.   
03:21pm 07/11/2007

I'm numb.

Everything is, everything was
Torn between what still makes us carry on
Everything is, everything was
Torn between what still makes us carry on
Everything can mean whatever
Everything can bring us together
So come on baby and comb your hair
You’re sleepy and can no longer care

Everything is
Everything was
Everything will fall
Everything is all
Everything is
Everything was
Everything is all
Everything will be
Everything will be


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Xian and I joked about how our weekends couldn't get anymore extreme   
09:08am 01/11/2007
  This isn't a joke.

Xian and I watched my friend, his ex, fall 4 stories.

We saw her fall

We heard her hit.

She wanted us to see her fall

Because of something we did

I could have prevented this

She shattered her pelvis.  They removed some of her skull because of the amount of brain swelling.

Shes not ok and im not going to go on with my life until she is.

Nothing will ever be the same.

Wake up Christina.

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This weekend was a fucking mess.   
01:06pm 22/10/2007
    No more hardcore drugs and suburbs.

I desided to name the Apt. Bock Rottom.

It's fitting.

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These kegel excersizes must be paying off.   
01:10pm 17/10/2007
  I can't even buy a sammich without (old) men hollah'n.

I made a feeble attempt to contact the people in charge of giving me free health care.  After waiting on hold for 25 minutes I came to the conclusion that I'd just rather die. 

My apocolypse obsession now has a friend called ' how quickly can i kill myself'.  It was getting lonely so i had to conjure up SOMETHING.....

With that being said i'd like to mention that things have been awesome lately.  No sarcasm.

I had a MUCH NEEDED weekend of relaxation.

Last night chip and I screen printed t-shirts.  I think i may sell some.  You all will want them.

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The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated...   
12:49pm 11/10/2007

 Though the reasoning behind the concern remains justified.

There was madness in any direction, at any hour. You could strike sparks anywhere. There was a fantastic universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, that we were winning. 

Big sweaty mess.

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1394- "It all has to end somewhere...It all ends at the lighthouse"   
01:24pm 03/10/2007

Weekends just keep getting better and better.

"Where's your precious fiber now"

Team teeny tiny sausages.

I will wear a napkin like a dress given the chance.


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Friday Xian and I desided to go to NYC   
02:58pm 23/09/2007
  Havoc (as always) Ensued.

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Photo shoot yesterday   
01:16pm 21/09/2007

My tits could be seen from space.

And i looked like a drag queen.

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samurai japanese restaurant   
11:02pm 27/08/2007
  If I hear peter fucking frampton one more time while I'm in VA I'm never coming back. Its been like 7 times so far this trip and we haven't turned the radio on once since we left jersey. In fact we made a pit stop yesterday ar a goodwill to pick up cds just so we wouldn't be tempted.

We desided to stay an extra day in richmond. Haven't said more than 1 word to eachother since friday. To get my attention chip throw heavy objects in my direction. His sexual advances are becoming more and more despirate and yesterday I caught him crushing up tylenol pms and putting them in my yoohoo.

Relationship status....... out of fear only.

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07:10pm 26/08/2007
  So we just checked into our hotel in Richmond after driving by it 7 times.

The front desk people mistook us for rock stars. YES.

Vodka and Hi C drinking commence.

Kings Dominion tomorrow.

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on the way to busch gardens.   
02:15pm 25/08/2007
  I liked it better when iwas spelling it BUSH gardens...... thanks John. Anyway we are eye level with roller coasters. We haven't really talked since my last my last post. Shits weird. In the middle of the night chip got into my bed and whipped out his junk. I'm begining to think this trip was a bad idea.

Relationship status..........acquaintance.

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1 hour in traffic   
09:40pm 24/08/2007
  Still no talking. Chip keeps looking at me then glances to his crotch area.... ithink he's giving me suck me eyes....

Things are becoming increasinly uncomfortable.

Dating status..........just friends

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virginia welcomes you   
08:51pm 24/08/2007
  Well after 3 hours into the trip and chip and I have run out of things to talk about. We pass the time by giving eachother awkwark smiles. Chip won't stop staring at my tits.

Dating status .......seeing eachother

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06:50pm 24/08/2007
  Chip and I have arrived at the maryland house we are currently in line for4 starbucks. I will be ordering a mocha light frappuccino .

Our current dating status after 1.5 hours....*****

More updates as they come.

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I know that it's terribly cruel but then I like it.   
12:33am 24/08/2007
  I never really leave i just slip away.
And im not gonna lie just to spare your feelings
Im not really interested in whats in your heart
I don't want you to fall in love now so please don't start....

I listened to that and the new interpol all day today.



I'm not the lover man that you want me to be.

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02:37pm 23/08/2007
  14:32] niesguy: i bet your colon is worse
[14:32] niesguy: what if a tapeworm came out.
[14:32] niesguy: and it was pissed
[14:33] niesguy: and wasnt going to pay a lot for a muffler
[14:35] loveandbu11ets: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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